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Mohammed Rahman

Type: volunteerRegistered: 2017-07-10    Last Login: 2018-03-23 18:17:08
photoMohammed Rahman is a recent Stanford graduate who gets giddy about all things related to film. He is spending the next two years getting some experience with video production and will apply to film school soon after.

Served as crew on:

videoHeroes Voices - An Irish Airman Foresees His Death - YeatesEditor2017-07-10
videoHeroes Voices - Shiloh: A Requiem - Herman MelvilleEditor2017-07-10
videoHeroes Voices - At SeaEditor2017-07-10
projectHeroes Voices National Veterans Poetry ContestEditor2017-06-04
videoHeroes Voices - The Cruel WarEditor2017-06-04
videoHeroes Voices - St. Crispins Day (Shakespeare, Henry V)Editor2017-06-04
videoHeroes Voices - Not Even the Darting Hawk (Homer, Odyssey)Editor2017-06-04
videoHeroes Voices - When Johnny Comes Marching HomeEditor2017-06-04
videoHeroes Voices - Buddy on the Night ShiftEditor2017-06-04
videoHeroes Voices - Pearl HarborEditor2017-06-04