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2017 Heroes Voices National Veterans Poetry Contest

Category: Veterans2017-06-04  Rick Harrell
logoHeroes’ Voices helps veterans build confidence and community by connecting them with the power of music and poetry. Veterans raise their voices together at our free workshops, build their skills with our free online guitar lessons, and find resources in their local communities through our on-line database. Launched in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are expanding throughout the USA.

Heroes’ Voices puts the transformational power of music and poetry to work for our veterans by:

1)Creating opportunities for veterans to engage with music and poetry, in settings ranging from psychiatric wards to community centers.
2)Building alliances with other veterans organizations to expand the use of music and poetry in their programs.
3)Providing information and referrals for veterans interested in the arts.
4)Promoting and sponsoring research into music therapy for veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries.
Location: Fort Mason Generals Residence
Venue: Fort Mason Generals Residence
Organization: Heroes Voices


Heroes Voices - An Irish Airman Foresees His Death - Yeates2017-07-10Veterans
Heroes Voices - Shiloh: A Requiem - Herman Melville2017-07-10Veterans
Heroes Voices - At Sea2017-07-10Veterans
Heroes Voices - Music Teleportation by Robert Kaplan2017-06-04Veterans
Heroes Voices - Pray Trust God and Music by Bradley Danielson2017-06-04Veterans
Heroes Voices - Memorial Day Parade 2006 by Shane Griddin2017-06-04Veterans
Heroes Voices National Veterans Poetry Contest - Goldstar poem2017-06-04Veterans
Heroes Voices - The Cruel War2017-06-04Misc
Heroes Voices - St. Crispins Day (Shakespeare, Henry V)2017-06-04Veterans
Heroes Voices - Not Even the Darting Hawk (Homer, Odyssey)2017-06-04Veterans
Heroes Voices - When Johnny Comes Marching Home2017-06-04Music
Heroes Voices - Buddy on the Night Shift2017-06-04Music
Heroes Voices - Pearl Harbor2017-06-04Veterans


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