One of our main goals is to preserve living history through video by taping oral histories. Future generations will be able to see interviews of both prominent and ordinary people describing their life experiences. We try to focus on older generations whose stories will be lost when they are gone.

In addition to personal interviews, we also preserve artistic performances through video recordings. Imagine how many original ballets, plays, and concerts will never be seen again because they had never been videotaped. Once an original performance is over, the opportunity to record it may be gone. Therefore, we endeavor to record as many original artistic performances; along with interviews of their creators, producers and performers; so that future generations will be able to see these historical events.

We depend upon local volunteers to work on the productions. Cinematography students from Bay Area colleges donate their time to assist in videography, lighting, sound and editing. They gain invaluable experience in the production of projects while helping the community by creating these non-profit documentaries. While still in school they can build their resumes with experience gained from working on worthwhile productions.

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Archive Productions Inc. is a 501(c)(3) California non-profit public benefit Corporation located in San Francisco California. Contact Us

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Published on  January 30th, 2019