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Strut - Black and White Nostalgia, Art Opening for Jim Jones

Category: Event2019-07-12  
Project: Strut - Black and White Nostalgia, Art Opening for Jim Jones
logoFor the month of July we are exhibiting the work of Jim James! Join us to celebrate his photography with some free wine and some free snacks! The Art Opening starts at 8 PM sharp, and will go till 10 PM. Bring your friends, are all welcome!

The Art program at Strut was founded the same year Magnet began its hard work of serving the gay community 15 years ago. Each month we exhibit the work of a queer visual artist, and cannot wait for you all to join us for the Art Opening in July!

Artist Statement:

This group of black and white photography work is from the late seventies to late nineties. It was a time of transition from the good old days, or the golden era of gay, to the challenging, difficult AIDS Years. Having fled the persecution of Anita Bryant’s Florida, I found an unbelievable community in San Francisco, not just surviving, but thriving against incredible odds.

When just the thought or rumor of being gay was dangerous, and the hysteria of AIDS gripped the nation, here was a generation of men living openly, proudly, defiantly, flamboyantly, and flawlessly! The Castro, South of Market, and Polk Street felt like movie sets, a constant costume party twenty-four seven. Elaborate festivals, fundraisers and parades were staged every weekend. Not to mention all the intense, heavy cruising everywhere, and always some kind of sex behind the next half closed door or corner.

It was against this backdrop that my photography blossomed. A delicious buffet of gorgeous, beautiful, outrageous people I either knew, got to know, or wanted to know. I’ve tried to capture the flavor and feel of those times, these images are the result.

Artist Bio:

I joined the great migration of gays to the safety of San Francisco in 1979. My photography started as a way to break through shyness and feel connected. It soon became a front row ticket to the exciting, glamorous gay community in San Francisco and later around the world. I’ve amassed five decades of analog and digital photography of gay San Franciscana, parades, festivals, art happenings, nightlife, exotic travel, and male erotica. I learned and perfected my skills at the Harvey Milk Photography Center, the San Francisco Art Institute, and on the streets of San Francisco.

My work is influenced by Diane Arbus’ sensational counter-culture portraits, the Infamous Weegee’s gritty street and nightclub photography, Bob Mizer’s sexy beefcake, and Robert Mapplethorpe’s elegant nudes. I’m currently working on an e book of my travels to Thailand’s famous gay hot spot, Dongtan Beach.

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