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logophotoStrut’s mission is to promote the health and wellness of gay, bi and trans men, to strengthen our diverse communities, and to reduce the impact of HIV in San Francisco.

Started by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Strut is an innovative space meant to rethink how health services are given to the community. Their goal is to have San Francisco be the first city halt the transmission of AIDS. Instead of focusing on sickness and disease management the way health centers traditionally do, Strut aims to work more holistically on health and wellness.

The center at Strut hosts a number of events from art openings, holiday toy drives, performances, and much more. They also, provide safe STD testing and health services, so that people can get tested without facing any stigma. Oftentimes, people can get tested, attend an event, and get their results right after. Thank you Strut for providing a safe, destigmatized, community space for all of us!
470 Castro Street San Francisco CA


Strut - Queer Ancestors Project Exhibition 2019 2019-02-09


Strut - Queer Ancestors Project Exhibition 2019 2019-02-09