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Tamarind Free Jones - Listen for Life performance

Category: Music2013-09-12  
Project: Listen for Life - Music
logoTamarind's songs take you someplace else. Whether you're drawn in by her intricate melodies or by the profoundly light and dark contrast in her lyrics, you will be taken on a journey, either hers or your own. Tamarind's years of training in Indian Classical music combined with her deep love for storytelling creates her dream-like reality. It's as if her voice becomes the means whereby life breathes back through ancient India to a language of today. Sometimes accompanied only by her folk style guitar playing with the occasional Indian drone and rhythmic instrument, her solo show keeps her audience in a place of trance and intrigue. Tamarind's recordings reflect her full-band show by combining simple, pure and intimate with captivating highs and lows. Her ascetic and qualities could be compared to artists such as Emiliana Torrini, Norah Jones, Mazzy Star and Sheila Chandra, with a hint of Leonard Cohen in her lyrics. ​

Tamarind studied Indian classical music with Maestro Ali Akbar Khan for 16 years and with his blessing she began creating her own songs in both Sanskrit and English, culminating in her recent release, "Hansa". Tamarind has performed in many countries including Ireland, England, Italy, Fiji, and across the United States. During 2006 and 2007 she toured with UK-based aerial dance company Fidget Feet, singing and dancing while suspended in the sky from a crane. She has collaborated with artists from a variety of genres including Loop Guru, Talvin Singh, Jack Irons, Alex Gibson, Facing East, Dirtyhurtz, and Gawain Mathews. In 2009 Tamarind was nominated by Talvin Singh as a brilliant new artist with a crossover style of Indian Classical, folk, and pop. Her music has appeared on TV and radio around the world and was featured on So You Think You Can Dance. ​​

Tamarind's recent release "Hansa", is a collection of ancient Indian prayers and poems set to original music using a variety of Western and Eastern instruments, arrangements, and production. Recorded and produced by Gawain Mathews (Mickey Hart, Ben Lee, Zion I, Ben Leinbach, Tim Hockenberry, Lara Johnston) and Tamarind, "Hansa" is a masterpiece. Her previous album "Sounds Alone" is the result of a creative collaboration with producer Alex Gibson (Art of Peace, Stuart Davis, and David Lee Roth). These songs are colorful and bright, full of hope and sincerity. And her newest album "Free" (soon to be released) produced by Gawain Mathews and Tamarind is a deeply moving collection of indie-folk songs expressed beautifully through the sentiment of it's title, "Free". Songs of love lost and found speak like secrets whispered through her imagery and 60's style production.

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Performer: Tamarind Free Jones
Location: Oakland, CA
Organization: Listen for Llife


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