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Rice Rockettes present: Product Placements, A Drag Musical!

Category: Nonprofit function2018-12-13  
logoJust in time for the holidays! Have you ever sat around and felt that we don't see enough ads these days? Us too! And with the upcoming consumerist... er um I mean Xmas season fast approaching, we're here to give you exactly what you want - a 'musical' show consisting of just nonstop commercials! (musical as in there will be music in the numbers...)

“Sugar and Spice and Everything Rice,” that’s what the Rice Rockettes are made of. They got together in 2009 and have the art of drag down to a choreographed T. These nine ladies can be found kicking, dancing and lip-syncing up a storm at events all around the city, and they say you can never have too many gloves, hats, or shoes.
Performer: Rice Rockettes
Performer: Rice Rockettes
Location: Lookout
Venue: Lookout


Rice Rockettes present: Product Placements, A Drag Musical!2018-12-13Nonprofit function


Steven LiuCamera
Michael KasianEditor