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Footloose Dance - Skinetic

Category: Dance2014-11-14  Mary Alice Fry
logoReal-time digital art, kinetic living sculptures, dance/theater and visual narratives inhabit Skinetic Zone where performers and audience interact

In this live action performance inspired by graphic novels, the characters from another dimension struggle for control of magical power. Dazzled by their own technology, the power hungry creators are ultimately forced to listen to other beings who speak on behalf of the colliding natural world.

Skinetic Zone will feature live performance and real-time 3D projection mapping controlled by wearable devices called Myos that allow performers to control the surrounding visuals. The Myos were only released to developers in September and the consumer version is not yet released, so this technology in a live performance makes Skinetic Zone a first-of-its-kind performance.
Performer: Footloose dance
Venue: Kunst-Stoff Arts


Footloose Dance presents Skinetic2014-11-14Dance