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Opal Dance - Stop, Drop, Open Up Shop

Category: Dance2013-08-01  Bianca Brzezinski
logoOpal Street Dance Improvisational Theater performs on July 31st and August 1st at The Garage.

Stop, Drop, Open Up Shop

An evening of spontaneous conversation about energy, presence and freedom. Other performances include new works by Kristin Damrow and Project Tremolo.

Music by: Richard Warp,

Dancers: Adele Thurston, Bianca Brzezinski, and workshop participants

Bianca Brzezinski is a choreographer, dancer and arts educator in the Bay Area. She received her BA in Dance from Mills College, where she was awarded the Dance Innovator Award. Bianca founded Opal Street Dance Improvisation Theatre in 2010, using structured improvisation and authentic movement to inform her work about the nature of consciousness, presence, and emotion. Her work is influenced by her background in psycho-somatic practice, spirituality and cultural diversity. Her repertoire concentrates on emotive, meditative movement and the translation of vibration into universal stories. She has performed around the Bay Area, France and Poland. She has worked with choreographers Sonya Delwaide, Yukie Fujimoto, Shinichi Iova Koga, Trisha Brown, Richard Siegal and Sean Curran.

When Bianca first began teaching, a student asked her why she wanted to be a teacher. She answered, because I see myself through you. "The power of becoming resides in a positively charged core."

Adele Thurston has recently joined the team as co-artistic director. Adele holds a B.A. Cum Laude in Drama with her focus primarily in Contemporary Performance from SFSU in California. She trained with Fools Fury Physical Theater Ensemble, Maureen Fleming, Mary Overlie, and Judith Malina with The Living Theater. Together these two explore the authenticity of being.
Performer: Bianca Brzezinski
Performer: Opal Dance company
Location: The Garage
Venue: The Garage


Opal Dance - Stop, Drop, Open Up Shop2013-08-01Dance