Mission Outline

Need: Oral histories, original artistic and theatrical performances, are forever lost unless recorded for posterity.
Multimedia students need experience in video production.

Project Description: Videotape oral histories, theatrical and artistic performances to archive for future generations.
Produce videotapes for promotion of historical, artistic and theatrical works.
Provide experience for future filmmakers

Goals: Videotape as many performances and personal interviews as possible considering the number of volunteers and equipment available.

Objectives: Contact local theaters and performance artists and video tape their performances. Also, contact individuals and record their oral histories.

Methods: Several volunteer video students will record performances and histories. Other students will assist with editing the video for the internet and public television.

Staff Responsibility: The main Producer will recruit and assist college students to videotaping and edit our productions.

Collaboration: We work with numerous Bay Area colleges from which students volunteer. Archive Productions Inc. is a member of a number of professional organizations.

Sustainability: We work on a variety of ongoing projects. Our non-profit organization is supported by grants and memberships.

Budget: Our non-profit organization is supported by donations and memberships. This coming semester we will provide paid interships to Bay Area college students who work with us.

Published on  July 13th, 2013