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Veterans American Legion Lecture China Silk Road - Roger Dong

Category: Veterans2017-07-18  
Project: Veterans American Legion Lecture Series: Chinas Belt & Road Initiative
Is China creating a new world of economic development?

China specialist Lt Colonel Roger S. Dong, USAF, retired discusses the global impact of China’s Belt & Road Initiative. This infrastructure project will connect dozens of developed & emerging countries.

Roger Dong reveals the potential benefits of China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) which can affect 65% of the world’s population. The Initiative plan includes improvement or creation of high speed railroads, nuclear, wind & solar power plants, advanced fiber communications, pipelines & upgrades to sea & land ports & airports. China is providing the technology, trillions of dollars, labor & involvement of many nations in the eastern hemisphere. This complex infrastructure project has already begun & is gaining global attention. General Electric & Honeywell International & other American companies are already involved providing technology & creating new business opportunities.

Roger S. Dong Lt Colonel, USAF, retired Distinguished Foreign Area/China Specialist, the Department of Defense, Military/Defense Attaché Hong Kong & Taiwan

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Location: San Francisco War Memorial
Venue: San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center
Organization: American Legion 8th District


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