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SRO: The Fresh Food Dilemma:

Category: Social issue2012-08-18  
logoThe Fresh Food Dilemma: How can Central Market and Tenderloin Residents store and prepare healthy food when access to kitchen facilities is limited?

Together with, we are challenging the local design and development community to find an innovative solution to the Central Market community's fresh food dilemma. Join us for a lively panel that aims to solve a longtime food justice issue facing residents in the Central Market neighborhood.

The panel will be moderated by Tomio Geron of Forbes. Confirmed Speakers: Jonathan Axtell, associate producer, Social Capital Markets Karen Nemsick, executive director, Rebuilding Together San Francisco Dan Parham, CEO, Neighborland Matthias Mormino, legislative aide, Supervisor Jane Kim Phil Clark, director of education and employment, Episcopal Community Services

Because many residents in the Central Market/Tenderloin neighborhood have limited access to kitchen facilities, easily storing, preparing, or cooking fresh produce or meat is a daily struggle. The limited access to a kitchen often reduces eating options to fast food outlets or processed food from a corner store. This has a real impact on the livelihood of Central Market residents: An average life expectancy of 20 years lower than that of other San Francisco neighborhoods The highest rate of preventable emergency room visits in San Francisco The highest rate of hospitalization due to congestive heart failure Five times the citywide average for hospitalization due to uncontrolled diabetes The second-highest ratio of fast food/convenience stores per produce outlet As the sponsor of ImproveSF's second challenge question, Zendesk and believe this panel can spark the debate necessary to help solve this longtime food justice issue.
Location: Zendesk, 989 Market Street, SF CA


SRO: The Fresh Food Dilemma: excerpts2012-08-18Social issue