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San Francisco Living Wage Coalition - Eighth Annual Awards Dinner

Category: Nonprofit function2018-07-20  
logoWelcome to the Eighth Annual San Francisco Living Wage Coalition’s Awards Dinner. The San Francisco Living Wage Coalition was born out of Labor’s efforts to work with the community in organizing nonunion, low-wage workers. These efforts included using legislative strategies to improve their wages and working conditions, building a workers’ movement and creating the conditions for unionizing. Our efforts initiated a movement that led to ground-breaking wage and benefit laws and, in conjunction with unions, organizing drives and collective bargaining agreements for low-wage workers.

Through the living wage laws, aka the Minimum Compensation Ordinance and Health Care Accountability Ordinance, wages and working conditions were dramatically improved for workers on city service contracts with for-profit businesses, at city-funded non-profit agencies and In Home Supportive Services, at the airport and on other city property, and in welfare-to-work programs. This laid the basis for the unionization of thousands of workers at the airport. This built a movement for subsequent ordinances that increased wages, and provided sick leave and health care coverage to all workers in San Francisco. This includes the Minimum Wage Ordinance, which was amended by voters in 2014 to rise to $15 per hour as of July 1, 2018.

However, the Minimum Wage now has overtaken the wage rate in the Minimum Compensation Ordinance. Low-wage workers at San Francisco airport will be working at a rate below the minimum wage, which only extends to San Francisco’s borders. The Living Wage Coalition’s current work is to pass amendments to increase the wage rate in the Minimum Compensation Ordinance to $16.86 per hour, the average amount that it has historically been above the minimum wage. This will benefit 25,000 low-wage workers.

This event is part of the month-long Labor Fest that commemorates the 1934 General Strike. We will be presenting the Labor Woman of the Year Award to Juana Flores, Executive Director of Mujeres Unidas y Activas, and the Labor Man of the Year Award to Arnulfo De La Cruz, Executive Vice President of SEIU Local 2015.

Due to the growing income inequality and wealth disparity, there is a greater need than ever to raise funds to continue our work in organizing. Despite greater political challenges, the answer to income inequality and wage stagnation is to raise the floor to create living wage jobs and a healthier economy for everyone. Please take a moment to reflect on how much you value this vision, and contribute to making this a reality. We look forward to your continuing support for economic justice.
Location: SEIU Local 1021, San Francisco
Organization: San Francisco Living Wage Coalition


San Francisco Living Wage Coalition - Eighth Annual Awards Dinner, Arnulfo De La Cruz award2018-07-20Nonprofit function


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