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Charlotte dHuart

Type: volunteerRegistered: 2015-05-26    Last Login: 2023-07-10 23:50:26
photoCharlotte is a teacher whose (mostly healthy) obsession with film has gradually evolved from a side interest to center-stage passion. Originally from London, she received her BA in English and Philosophy (a significant part of which was a course in avant-garde cinema), before obtaining her CELTA and moving to Vietnam, then Argentina, for a year apiece. It wasn’t until she moved to SF in 2012 that she became more settled and started to immerse herself more in the world of film. Volunteering for film festivals, she thrived on the sharing and celebration of film and decided that this world is where she wants to stay. As such, she has started to initiate a career move. Slightly tangentially, she joined Archive Productions at the start of 2015, drawn to its wonderful mission of documenting local performances and people's lives. She has enjoyed the opportunity to observe and capture these moments and to develop some filming and editing skills.

Served as crew on:

projectThe District dance company presents If MarsCamera2015-05-22
videoThe District dance company presents If MarsCamera2015-05-22
videoGod is Unavailable play by Eden OmariCamera2015-03-16