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Tangents Guitar Series - SFCM Guitar Ennsemble: Electric Counterpoint

Category: Music2013-04-26  
Project: Tangents - San Francisco Conservatory Guitar Ensenble
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Under the direction of David Tanenbaum, the San Francisco Conservatory Guitar Ensemble performs regularly on campus and it appears often throughout Northern California. In fall 2000 the ensemble went on a three city tour with composer Steve Reich, performing Electric Counterpoint.

Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich (B. 1936)
I. Fast
II. Slow
III. Fast

David Tanenbaum - Conducting

Renaud Cote-Giguere, Tatiana Senderowicz, Tim Sherren, Matt Bacon, Alexandra Iranfar, Matthew Lyons, Paul Morton, Christopher Hague, John Zientek, Sarah Stallings, J.C. de Luna, Kyle Sampson, Adam Cockerham, Nahuel Bronzini - bass

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Performer: Tangents San Francisco Conservatory of Music Guitar Ensemble
Location: First Unitarian Universalist Chapel
Venue: First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco


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