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Senior Interviews0000-00-00Senior interview
Homeless Interviews0000-00-00Homeless interview
Under One Roof promotion2012-04-01Nonprofit function
SRO: The Fresh Food Dilemma:2012-08-18Social issue
Dean Harlem at the San Francisco Ferry Building2013-02-04Music
Aguilas HIV prevention2013-02-25Nonprofit function
Chabot of Cole Valley in San Francisco2013-03-09Religion
Imperial Council of San Francisco - Coronation 482013-04-13Nonprofit function
HIV and Faith Discussion2013-04-18Social issue
No Lovely Thing2013-04-25Music
Tangents - San Francisco Conservatory Guitar Ensenble2013-04-26Music
LEAPArts2013-05-16Nonprofit function
API Wellness Center - Bloom 2013 2013-05-17Nonprofit function
Maitri BLISS 20132013-05-19Nonprofit function
Openhouse and Vitas - Providing Spiritual Care for the LGBT Community2013-05-22Religion
Tangents guitar 2013-07-27Music
Opal Dance - Stop, Drop, Open Up Shop2013-08-01Dance
AXIS dance Up Close! Sneak Peek 2013-08-10Dance
148th Scottish Highland Gathering & Games2013-09-01Event
Listen for Life - Music 2013-09-13Music
Robin Campbell Band2013-09-29Music
Polk Street Art Walk - October 3, 20132013-10-03Event
Witness Our Welcome - Spirit Award2013-10-06Religion
The James Brothers Band performing in Oakland, CA2013-11-01Music
Max and Nicky2013-12-14Theater
Man Dance NutcrackOr2013-12-20Dance
2014 Spaghetti Dinner for the 99%2014-01-29Social issue
Melvin Frankllin Marshall2014-02-23Music
Internet Archive Celebrates Nuala Creed: 100 Ceramic Archivists2014-05-30Nonprofit function
N California Rally for Film Incentives2014-06-14Event
AXIS Dance Company Summer Intensive 20142014-08-09Dance
DISH 8th Anniversary Bash2014-10-02Nonprofit function
Footloose Dance presents - Honeycomb Zone2014-10-02Dance
SF Night Ministry fundraiser2014-10-12Nonprofit function
Opal Dance - DANCE IMPROVISATION THEATER @ the Mishin Gallery2014-10-17Dance
Internet Archive Openhouse2014-10-28Nonprofit function
The GLBT Historical Society Annual Gala - Unmasked2014-10-29Nonprofit function
Investiture of the 42nd Royal Court of the Grand Ducal Council of SF2014-11-02Nonprofit function
SF LGBT Center BOLD awards2014-11-13Nonprofit function
Footloose Dance - Skinetic2014-11-14Dance
Axis - Dance Access Day 20142014-11-14Dance
SF Night Ministry Thanksgiving for Fifty Years of Service2014-11-16Religion
Academy of Friends 2015 Kinky Boots pre-show party2014-12-03Nonprofit function
Academy of Friends 2014 Mercedes pre-gala party2014-12-03Nonprofit function
Prolocal - Whos The Boss2014-12-10Event
St. Columba Catholic Church - Christmas Concert2014-12-19Music
Academy of Friends 2015 Toast the Nominees at Sui Generis2015-01-15Nonprofit function
Maitri beneficiary of REAF 20142015-01-30Nonprofit function
2015 Spagetti dinner for the 99%2015-02-28Social issue
AMSI Real Estate2015-03-10Misc
God is Unavailable play by Eden Omari2015-03-16Theater
Maitri Bliss 20152015-05-03Nonprofit function
Funsch Dance Experience presents: Dissolver2015-05-10Dance
The District dance company presents If Mars2015-05-22Dance
MNHC Open House 20152015-08-13Nonprofit function
GGBA video contest2015-08-26Nonprofit function
OralNow Stories2015-12-23Social issue
Academy of Friends 2016 beneficiaries2016-02-28Nonprofit function
Maitri Bliss 2016 promotional video2016-04-15Nonprofit function
Wayne Friday memorial2016-11-20Nonprofit function
GGBA Power Lunch III2017-02-28Nonprofit function
Holy Family Day Home casino night 20172017-05-18Nonprofit function
Heroes Voices National Veterans Poetry Contest2017-06-04Veterans
We Were Rebels: Jae Whitaker Remembers Janis Joplin2017-07-06Documentary
CCSF CalVet: Educational Benefit Best Practices2017-07-11Veterans
Veterans American Legion Lecture Series: Chinas Belt & Road Initiative2017-07-18Veterans
TVCMN (Veterans Community Media Network) Town Halls2017-08-05Nonprofit function
Jade Week SF2017-08-09Nonprofit function
African Americans in the Military - Opening Veterans Day Ceremony2017-11-07Veterans