List of our Crew

Scotty volunteer
Sarah Arnoldvolunteer
Galen Barbourvolunteer
John Baumhacklvolunteer
Joanna BlackvolunteerJoanna is the archivist for the GLBT Society archive.
Jess Alexander ByersvolunteerJess volunteered with Archive Productions Inc. in 2009 and worked as a cameraman and video editor. We could see his potential from the start. He was a student at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, from which he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts. He also received a BFA from the Université Paris-Sorbonne and EICAR International. He continues to produce videos and events.
Kyle Cabralvolunteer
Siyi Chenvolunteer
Lang Chenvolunteer
Juan Davilavolunteer
Charlotte dHuartvolunteerCharlotte is a teacher whose (mostly healthy) obsession with film has gradually evolved from a side interest to center-stage passion. Originally from London, she received her BA in English and Philosophy (a significant part of which was a course in avant-garde cinema), before obtaining her CELTA and moving to Vietnam, then Argentina, for a year apiece. It wasn’t until she moved to SF in 2012 that she became more settled and started to immerse herself more in the world of film. Volunteering for film festivals, she thrived on the sharing and celebration of film and decided that this world is where she wants to stay. As such, she has started to initiate a career move. Slightly tangentially, she joined Archive Productions at the start of 2015, drawn to its wonderful mission of documenting local performances and people\'s lives. She has enjoyed the opportunity to observe and capture these moments and to develop some filming and editing skills.
Zack Ellisvolunteer
Travis Fukudavolunteer
Christy FunschvolunteerThe Funsch Dance Experience is under the artistic direction of Christy Funsch, an East Coast native currently based in San Francisco. The mission of the company is to celebrate the vulnerable yet indefatigable spirit through choreographic experiments with gaze, distinctive movement invention, and unpredictable phrasing.

Funsch has had her work presented in Amsterdam, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Portland, Toronto, and throughout California. She is currently a collaborative partner of Nol Simonse. She has also worked with Susan Rethorst, Stephen Pelton, Sue Roginski, Katie Faulkner, Julie Mayo, Leslie Seiters, Mary Armentrout, Maxine Moerman Dancetheatre, Dandelion Dancetheater, and countless others. She is a certified Pilates instructor and certified Laban Movement Analyst through New York’s Laban Institute for Integrated Movement Studies.
Rick Harrellvolunteer
Christopher Jacksonvolunteer
Lucas Jamesvolunteer
Derek JohnnievolunteerIndependent Contractor/ Salesman/ Cameraman.
Michael KasianvolunteerMichael is a vision-driven and passionate change agent with a career-long record of content creation for leading progressive publications and organizations in San Francisco.

He also loves to write, immerse himself in storytelling events, curate music playlists, look at giraffes and play with/wear tinsel.
Victor Limanskyvolunteer
Steven Liuvolunteer
Nicholas McClendonvolunteerNicholas McClendon is a San Francisco State University student and a quality video producer. Nicholas has skills in filming, producing, editing, marketing and social media coordination. He leaves every project looking better than before he touched it. He is a happy intern here at Archive Productions.
Glenn MeadervolunteerGlenn knows how to build websites and databases. He built this website. He is particularly interested in improving his editing skills. He\'s good at location sound.
Jordon MyersvolunteerHe is a Veteran and returning student who is majoring in video production at San Francisco State University. An aspiring filmmaker with a passion for bay area sports and wildlife film making. His current positions at Archive Productions Inc. include: editor and camera operator.
Ed NessvolunteerPublic Relations professional with direct journalism experience in radio and television newsrooms understanding what editors seek in press releases. Corporate training generalist with a focus on soft skillls including sales, customer service, problem solving, and teambuilding. Substantial experience in the hospitality, residential property management, temporary storage, car rental, and heavy equipment industries.
Specialties:Public Relations, Marketing, Writing, Training, Sales, Operations.
Andrew NoerrvolunteerWe are pleased to announce that Andrew Noerr recently graduated from USF with honors. He majored in Media studies and worked with Archive Productions on a school internship for which he received three college credits. His work with us included shooting the Groundwork Opportunities \"Go\" benefit, and editing several videos. Archive is glad to recommend him to our associates.
Victor OlivierivolunteerVictor
Jason PeiservolunteerJason Peiser is a professional photographer and videographer who has worked as a cameraman and editor for numerous Archive productions projects.
Leigh Pfeffervolunteer
Annika PresleyvolunteerEducation Director: Annika relocated to California in early 2006 and joined AXIS in 2007. Originally from the Netherlands, she holds a major in sign languages and has worked on a variety of theater productions as a choreographer, director, and dance teacher with children of all ages. After receiving her MA in Dutch Language & Literature in 2002, she was employed as a research assistant and later as education director for a sign language institute.
Mohammed RahmanvolunteerMohammed Rahman is a recent Stanford graduate who gets giddy about all things related to film. He is spending the next two years getting some experience with video production and will apply to film school soon after.
Erika Rivasvolunteer
Jacob Savagevolunteeri only seek the finest haggis
Anthony Sayeghvolunteer
Diane WilliamsonvolunteerDiane Williamson was born in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After high school, she went to college at Edinboro University in Erie, Pennsylvania. She left school to join the army in the summer of 1976, becoming a Nuclear Weapons Maintenance Specialist. Diane came home to complete her Associate of Science in Graphic Design. She and her daughter moved to Oakland, California, where she continued working for the government until the base closures in 1997. She continued her education and received a certificate of completion from Silicon Valley College in Computer Graphic Design and 3 certificates from City College of San Francisco in Video Production and Broadcasting. She graduated in May of 2014 from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts.
Thomas WilsonvolunteerThomas was a film and television major at the Academy of Art University with the career goal of being a cinematographer. He worked at Archive Productions Inc for over an year recording events for the annual P.R.I.D.E. parade to Tenderloin Tessie Holiday dinners. He graduated from the Academy of Art in May of 2017 with an Associates Degree.
Alexandra Wirthvolunteer
Dan WunschvolunteerDan was a UC Davis student who transferred into the Media major at UC San Diego in the fall of 2013. In the summer of 2012, he attended the UCLA Summer Institute for Film Production, where he completed several projects that helped improve his directing, editing, and camera operating skills. He believes that his strong work ethic is what earned him a 4.0 in the program. After the Institute, Dan continued to pursue his interests through additional related courses, as well as through videography work at AggieTV and later at Archive Productions.

He has worked on several Archive Productions projects as a cameraman and video editor
Monique Zhangvolunteer