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GLBT - Among the Bohemians: Yone Noguchi & Charles Warren Stoddard

Category: Lecture-Discussion2017-09-06  
logo"Faces From the Past" is a past display in the "Queer Past Becomes Present" exhibition at the GLBT History Museum that portrays more than 150 years of queer presence in Northern California before 1930.

In conjunction with the exhibit, historian Amy Sueyoshi will trace the affairs of Japanese immigrant poet Yone Noguchi, San Francisco author Charles Warren Stoddard and their bohemian circle at the turn of the 20th century. Her talk will examine how same-sex sexuality, marital infidelity and interracial love could exist openly in the United States in an era when the law criminalized sodomy and miscegenation.

Sueyoshi is associate dean of the College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University, and is the author "Queer Compulsions: Race, Nation and Sexuality in the Affairs of Yone Noguchi" (2012).
Location: GLBT museum
Venue: GLBT History Museum
Organization: GLBT Historical Society


GLBT - Among the Bohemians: Yone Noguchi & Charles Warren Stoddard2017-09-06Lecture-Discussion


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