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GLBT - Faces From the Past: Bay Area Queer Lives Before 1930

Category: Lecture-Discussion2017-07-14  
logo"Faces From the Past" is a new display in the "Queer Past Becomes Present" exhibition in our Main Gallery. Using tintypes, postcards, arrest records and other historical documents, curators Paula Lichtenberg and Bill Lipsky examine over 150 years of queer presence before the 1930s in Northern California. The first of a series of programs in conjunction with the exhibit, this panel will feature the curators, along with two historians:

• Independent scholar Will Roscoe will discuss Queen Califia, the semi-mythical figure after whom California is named, and the two-spirits of the Bay Area.

• San Francisco State University professor Clare Sears will speak on 19th-century San Francisco laws against cross-dressing and homosexual activity.
Location: GLBT museum
Venue: GLBT History Museum
Organization: GLBT Historical Society


GLBT - Faces From the Past: Bay Area Queer Lives Before 19302017-07-14Lecture-Discussion


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