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Fort Mason Generals Residence

Type: venue
logophotoThe historic General’s Residence features views of Aquatic Park, Alcatraz, and the far reaches of San Francisco Bay. Recently renovated, the building features a ballroom, dining room, lounge, beautiful foyer, and the Funston Room, which can be used as a small meeting room or bridal suite. Overlooking the bay, the rear lawn is a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony or other outdoor event.
(415) 345-7500
2 Marina Blvd Landmark Building C, Suite 260


Heroes Voices National Veterans Poetry Contest 2017-06-04


Heroes Voices - Music Teleportation by Robert Kaplan 2017-06-04
Heroes Voices - Buddy on the Night Shift 2017-06-04
Heroes Voices - Memorial Day Parade 2006 by Shane Griddin 2017-06-04
Heroes Voices - Pearl Harbor 2017-06-04
Heroes Voices - Pray Trust God and Music by Bradley Danielson 2017-06-04
Heroes Voices - An Irish Airman Foresees His Death - Yeates 2017-07-10
Heroes Voices - At Sea 2017-07-10
Heroes Voices - Not Even the Darting Hawk (Homer, Odyssey) 2017-06-04
Heroes Voices - Shiloh: A Requiem - Herman Melville 2017-07-10
Heroes Voices - St. Crispins Day (Shakespeare, Henry V) 2017-06-04
Heroes Voices - The Cruel War 2017-06-04
Heroes Voices - When Johnny Comes Marching Home 2017-06-04
Heroes Voices National Veterans Poetry Contest - Goldstar poem 2017-06-04