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Redstone Tenant Association

Type: nonprofit
logophotoThe Redstone Tenants Association (RTA) was formed in September 1999 with the intent of safeguarding the building from exploitative development and preserving it as the home of numerous non-profit arts, social service, labor and activist organizations, artist studios and small businesses.

The mission of the Redstone Labor Temple Association (RLTA) is to promote, preserve and protect the Redstone Building, historically and currently, as a place for diverse, community-based, cultural, labor and social service organizations, individual artists and small businesses which serve the Mission District and the larger community of San Francisco.

The members of the RLTA are currently working together as well as collaborating with outside local organizations, including the Mission Economic Development Association (MEDA) and the San Francisco Labor Council, to explore the feasibility of tenant ownership of the Redstone Building. As gentrification continues in the Mission District of San Francisco, the number of places that support its historic working class and immigrant culture are dwindling. If the RLTA can buy this building in a collective manner as a community resource, diversity can be in at least one place preserved.

Specific Objectives:

- Promote the interests of the Redstone tenants;
- Explore and pursue all opportunities that would give the RLTA ownership or control of the Redstone Building;
- Maintain the diverse, creative, community-based profile of the Redstone tenants;
- Preserve the Redstone Building, formerly the San Francisco Labor Temple, as a local historic landmark, which has been done.
- Serve the Mission community.
2940 16th Street


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