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Veterans Community Media Network

Type: nonprofit
logophotoThe TVCMN has a simple mission. We want to improve the lives of our veterans through access to technology. This includes health care benefits, resources, business development involving opportunities, and funding. What does The Veterans Community Media Network do?

We provide services and resources for veterans through various forms of media and broadcasting such as assisting the veteran in obtaining their benefits (health, education, housing assistance employment and legal assistance).

TVCMN has partnered with OWH Studios of Oakland to tape and broadcast activities of the TVCMN on Community Access Channels in the Bay Area. Plans are to have a computer lab for vets to access their bennies or just improve their computer skills.

Through town hall meetings and other community events, we strive to keep our veterans “in the know” and in the fore front of today’s media outlets.
Diane Williamson
1485 8th Street Oakland CA 94607


TVCMN (Veterans Community Media Network) Town Halls 2017-08-05


TVCMN August Town Hall - Susy Moorehead, librarian 2017-08-14